Estelle O.

Tango in Milos is quite possibly the nearest one can be to heaven.  The location is divinely surreal and to learn in this beautiful and relaxed environment has to be the best way to learn.  The quality of instruction was top-notch. I definitely feel like I achieved new skills and elevated my dancing - all while in a gorgeous environment with wonderful people.  This is a must for repeat events!

Jordan T.

Greek Island Tango was an amazing experience.  The beauty, hospitality, food, and energy of Milos is unparalleled.  The instructors were engaging and the classes were well paced. They also made it fun!  The venue for the Milongas, the Akri Bar, was very cool.  I especially loved our outings to the beautiful beaches and the boat trip was exceptional!  Watching the sunset over the Aegean sea from the highest point on the island was an experience never to be forgotten. It was a perfect combination of fun, relaxation, adventure, and connecting with friends.  This trip made me fall in love with tango all over again!

Melita C.

This is the first year I could find the time to go to Milos with Glykeria and I'm so glad I went! I met a wonderful group of people and my dancing definitely improved.  I can't speak highly enough of the teachers, Facundo Posada and Maria Jose Sosa. The classes were focused and intense but they were patient with our questions as well as kind and funny. Our days were not over scheduled. There was more than enough time for going to the beach, shopping and seeing the sights. The food, the locals and the weather were all fantastic. I can't thank Glykeria enough for all her hard work.  She put her whole heart into organizing this trip and making sure our needs were being met.

Tom R.

I found the tango adventure to both a great learning experience and a fantastic holiday!! Instruction, the milongas, lodging, food, side adventures, the people on the trip and the Greek people themselves were outstanding. I could not be more pleased! The value received exceeded my expectations and I had high expectations to begin with! I highly recommend this trip if you want to have a great vacation and also return home with new skills you can use for the rest of your life.

Sara M.

If you've found yourself on this site, both tango and Milos are calling out to you! This trip was one of the most magical experiences of my life. I knew nobody when I arrived and felt like I was leaving a family when it was time to go home. Morning sunshine pouring over whites and blues, delectable local Greek food (fish right out of the Aegean, fried feta with honey, 6 months later I can still taste this stuff), breathtaking seascapes that will move your soul and beaches that will awaken your inner child, not to mention diving in to tango so deep you'll forget you had any other interests. Aside from living in paradise with such a fantastic group of people including the island locals and all the memories to be treasured from the experience, when I returned home several milongueros complimented my improved dancing, which was very rewarding after all the work we put in on Milos. Greek island tango, efharisto!

Henry L.

The Tango Retreat in Milos was absolutely amazing, it was a great blend of tango and Greek culture. In addition a favorite of mine was the meditative drumming and traditional Greek dance. The boat trip was more than I could have imagined with snorkeling and the delicious food the captain cooked us while on board will never be forgotten. The nightly Milongas at AKRI bar were so much fun and just a very short walk from our beautiful hotel with a pool or the beach if you wanted that instead. The instructors are world class and to have personal instruction from international known tango dancers is very special. I learned so much in that week and it enhanced my love of tango even more. I love to travel and it’s one of the most enlightening, exciting, relaxing trips I have ever been on. I strongly suggest anyone to go, you will be so amazed!

Shirley L.

The 2013 Tango Retreat was the most fabulous trip I’ve ever taken. Starting from the ferry ride to Milos, where our group bonded immediately. Our approach to Milos at sunset began a 9 day journey filled with awesome landscapes, breathtaking beaches, old & NEW friends, great food, Greek culture, tango lessons with master teachers and nightly milongas. Oh yes, there was time to just chill on the beach...

Lisa J.

Thank you, Gly, for doing a marvelous job coordinating the Tango in Milos 2013 retreat! The trip was far better than I could ever have imagined! Such a nice mix of fun activities: meditative drumming, traditional Greek dance, a cruise around Milos, beaches, milongas at the very cool AKRI bar and four outstanding, enthusiastic tango instructors who led three tango classes and one pre-tango stretching class daily! You went the extra mile to make sure everyone felt comfortable as well as spontaneously organized the most romantic wedding proposal I have ever witness! An awesome, amazing time that I will never forget! Efharisto!

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