Private Lessons Available!

Learn Faster with Private Tango Lessons!

Where you’re at…

*You are brand new to tango. You have never danced before, and are not sure about joining group classes just yet. Maybe, you want to spend some time trying something new with your partner.

*Or, you dance tango already, love your classes but feel frustrated with your dancing. You can still feel a bit clumsy, and sometimes feel like it is ‘taking you forever’ to feel comfortable in the dance.

What you want right now…

You want to feel confident dancing and that you can truly express yourself in the tango embrace. You want personalized feedback so that you can learn as quickly as possible and feel artistic in your dancing. You want to be coached by someone who is patient and truly cares about your learning journey.

How I can help you…

My private sessions are created around your needs, to help you feel confident and creative dancing rapidly. With 100% dedicated attention, you get the help you need to lift your tango and feel relaxed dancing. It is the best way to learn how to dance elegantly rapidly.

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