Practica Con Gusto Friday, June 14th

Have you been missing your favorite Tango Practice Party?! No worries, it's that time again!

Join us at The Viscount Studio this Friday, June 14th from 7:30-10PM with Glykeria Manis as your host and DJ!

What is Practica Con Gusto?

A Unique New Argentine Tango Practica! Emphasizing mini-lessons and two-song sets, Practica Con Gustois designed to promote the social aspects of Tango while giving dancers an opportunity to practice, have fun and build confidence.

This practice social is for new and seasoned dancers alike. A safe, fun, and casual environment, dancers are invited to work on their dance, meet new people, and even try out learning the “other role”.

Throughout this unique 2.5 hour-practica, short 10-minute lessons are interspersed with a variety of Tango music, spanning from the Golden Age Classics to Modern Orchestras. These mini-lessons are geared towards giving dancers material to work on while having the opportunity to practice in the moment, without the pressures of being in a Tango Social.

To support more frequent rotation of partners, music is DJ’d in a 2-song format, followed by a “Cortina”, short transitional songs during which time you have an opportunity to find a new partner to work with.

Come curious, ready to learn, ready to laugh, already to make mistakes, and support your fellow dancers.

Where? The Viscount Studio, 720 SE Sandy Blvd

When? 7:30-10PM

$10 Entry

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