Transforming Your Tango for Experienced Dancers

For more experienced dancers, these classes focus on technique, body awareness, and figures in order to bring out one’s unique dancing style, while deepening the connection to your partner. Special emphasis is placed on how to understand the nuances of the leader and follower roles in order to continuously connect to and improvise with your dance partner, along with moving with the different rhythms of Tango, Vals & Milonga.

Argentine Tango figures are deconstructed to create more simple or complex, and nuanced movements. Dancers learn how to dance in both the close and open styles of embracing, while learning how this affects their dance and partnering. 

On and off axis movements are further explored, creating dynamic changes your partner can respond to, while learning how to play with embellishments as both a leader and follower. Dancers acquire how to lead/follow many types of boleos, leg wraps, sacadas, volcadas, and colgadas, and other complex movements, to not only enhance the playfulness and elegance of their dance, but their confidence as social dancers.

This class meets weekly on Fridays from 8:15-9:30PM. Classes are organized with rotating monthly topics appropriate to Beginner/Intermediate level dancers. Drop-in are permitted, however, students are encouraged to attend the month of classes, as there is a weekly progression.

Meeting Location

Waverly Heights Community Center

3300 SE Woodward St

Fridays 8:15PM-9:30PM

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