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Glykeria Manis - Tango Instructor & Events Organizer

An active member of the Portland, Oregon Tango scene, I am the founder/host of Milonga La Divina, Portland's newest Thursday Night Milonga.


I offer workshops regularly, teach privately, and organize guest instructors for my tango community and students. Given my ancestral roots, I also host the popular Greek Island Tango Retreat, www.greekislandtango.com, now in its eighth year!


Trained in New York City and Buenos Aires, I have been dancing and teaching Argentine tango for over a decade.  As an outgrowth of my training, I became aware of tango not only as an art form and social dance, but also as a vehicle to explore non-verbal communication that increases attunement to ourselves and to others. 


​My background in the study of Argentine Tango further includes research demonstrating the therapeutic and health benefits of Argentine Tango, culminating in my obtaining a Master's Degree in Dance & Movement Therapy. My classes and workshops are enriched with this knowledge, offering a supportive learning environment and promoting the art of connection.  Moreover, I strive to infuse my teaching, dance and hosting of tango with somatic awareness, emphasizing balance, elegance, solid technique and creativity.



PHONE NUMBER: 503-662-2627

EMAIL: tangogly@gmail.com

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